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Soul Hackers 2 Free Download High Quality

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Soul Hackers 2 Free Download

Soul Hackers 2 is set in a near-future city where humans and demons coexist in secret, with some humans able to form pacts with demons to become Devil Summoners. The Devil Summoners are mostly split between two main factions, Yatagarasu and the Phantom Society, who hold clashing ideological views on humanity's progress. During the game's opening a world-ending catastrophe brought by a being called the Great One is predicted by the previously-neutral Aion, a higher artificial intelligence that emerged within cyberspace. Aion manifests two parts of themself, Ringo and Figue, as individuals to enter the human world and save humans calculated as key to preventing the Great One's arrival. The individuals are Arrow, a Yatagarasu agent; Milady, a Phantom Society summoner and lover of the apparent mastermind Iron Mask; and Saizo, a freelance summoner whose Phantom Society lover Ash becomes involved in his murder. Ringo brings each back in turn using Soul Hack, an ability to restores their souls and bodies. Investigating the death of researcher Ichiro Onda and disappearance of senior Yatagarasu member Mangetsu Kuzunoha, the group eventually discover Iron Mask is searching for the Covenants, five magical entities acting as symbols of an ancient pact with the Great One.

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