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[S2E5] Switcheroo

Therefore, in order to keep Palomo and her followers safe, Adelita concocts a last-minute switcheroo, which was so well done by Carla Baratta that even the audience was fooled [she calls Miguel "devil" and "the death of Mexico"].

[S2E5] Switcheroo

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And that's when Stratton mentions Constantine knows everything about Baptiste, including having staked out his wife. The phone switcheroo means Sara has both mobiles, so there's no way to call Celia. By the time the police arrive at Baptiste's place, it's empty. Blessedly, Celia is at the laundromat. As I noted in the premiere, she's a clever one. Celia recognized her "gas meter reader" from that supermarket encounter the second she opened the door. She wasn't fast enough to keep him out, but she was quick enough to race through the flat and escape out the back, staying in public places with CCTV once she hit the streets. 041b061a72


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