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Haki: The Lost Treasure APK - How to Play the Masterpiece of Pirate Legends

Haki: The Lost Treasure - Proud to be the masterpiece created based on the story of the legendary pirates. A mobile game for all pirate-lovers!Recruit heroes and form your own crew to overcome challenges, collect treasures and become the legend. Haki: The Lost Treasure brings you 9vs9 battles, the mysterious Zodiac Formation, dynamic weather system, Forte promotion... all to claim the ultimate glory.*FEATURES*- Unique weather system: Three weather modes with special effects that reign the battle. The tide can be changed at a blink. The great war will become more unpredictable than ever!- Zodiac Formation - Shape your team smartly to increase the total power and overwhelm your enemies.- Hero Forte: Each hero comes with a unique Forte. Master them all and form a crew in your own way.- Cross-server 1vs10 Expedition - Dive into enormous battles. Challenge TOP players, challenge yourself, and take the precious pirate treasure.- Intensely strategic gameplay: More than 100 Heroes - 200 Devil Fruits - 500 Equipment are waiting for you. Choose freely but wisely, and bring them to battles.- Stunning graphics - Greatly impressive graphics with splendid visuals and vivid effects, lively to every moment.- Regularly updated - With long-term update route with many new features, activities and events, Haki: The Lost Treasure guarantees that your experience is endless!Discover Haki: The Lost Treasure now to feel the heat of the pirate battles!

haki the lost treasure apk

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