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1.: General tip: Save often and/or turn on autosave on Pokémon Center visit in the options or at the start of the game. Backup your save occasionally. You can also use a script made by one of our discord members to automatically make a backup of your save (only on startup). Link (You have to be logged in on the Browser Client or Desktop Client and a member of our discord to see the message.)

Discord Hits.7z

1.: How does fusing work? Why is my fusion reversed? Why can't I choose 'x' ability? Everything you need to know about fusing mechanics is compiled in 'Pokémon Fusion' or in the #fusion_faq channel on our discord.

With the team working away at the next full release again, plus the Alt Cut, and with renewed interest in the mod, we're hosting the 1.5+ Discord version of BOTET here on Moddb. As the name implies, this is the same version that has been available on the mod related discord servers, but released here so people can try it out without needing to go on discord for the link.

Thank you for uploading the latest version here! Just a question, I have the discord version from August 3rd (IIRC), is this one the same or more recent? Thank you again and looking forward for a new version both of BOTET and the Alternative Cut :)

Although Ascensions does not support third party addons there are many ways to find addons. You can find some addons on our Ascension Launcher! A player called Szyler has created some Ascension custom addons on his discord; you can find it here via this link : . Alternatively there are many sites that provide addons like and !

Yeah but, if you complete the map and you know how can will play and, think how you will be doing in yours map to approach the NM mechanic. You will get feedback from the others mappers in the discord, so you will turn out with a great map with the knowledge of many doomers that are interested in playing in NM. 041b061a72


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