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Buy Electrolux Washer

Electrolux washers bring best-in-class cleaning and stain removal capabilities to your home. Professional testing companies regularly rank the Electrolux washer as one of the top brands in laundry care. We do, too.

buy electrolux washer


That's nothing new. Since the early 1910s, Electrolux has earned its reputation as a top-notch appliance manufacturer, both in Sweden where it's based and around the globe. The company has churned out everything from vacuums and refrigerators to food processors and even allied weapon prototypes during World War II. However, in recent years, Electrolux has paid special attention to developing its washers and dryers.

Today, Electrolux exclusively focuses on front load washer technology. You can configure an Electrolux washer and dryer set in multiple ways, whether side by side or in a stackable washer and dryer format. One option we're seeing a lot more lately is two stacked sets placed next to each other for the ultimate laundry setup.

Electrolux washers also work great in second-floor laundry room setups. The company claims to offer the most balanced washers with the least vibration available on the market, and we find that they are quiet.

Why We Chose It: This washer, which we consider Electrolux's deluxe model, offers one of the most thorough cleaning cycles on the market and one of the fastest quick wash cycle speeds. It's all-around stellar.

Pro Tip: Current supply chain problems affected Electrolux in many different ways. Most recently, the company struggled to find tinted glass doors for its 6 Series washers and switched production to clear glass door models. This means if you have an order with a retailer for ELFW7637AW or xxAT models, there's a risk you might not receive your order. Make sure to switch the models to ELFW7637BW or xxBT.

Electrolux's newest washers and dryers have features that make them better at removing stains efficiently. The company also rolled out some slight design changes, including a redesigned detergent dispenser that can take detergent pods.

In addition to SmartBoost, a preexisting feature that mixes water with liquid detergent before adding them to your clothes, Electrolux's best washers now have an interesting Optic Whites cycle for better whitening.

And all Electrolux washers now have Extended Refresh, a wash option that lightly rinses and spins clothes when you can't take them out right away, to ensure they stay fresh and don't get that musty smell.

We also mentioned how much we like the under 20-minute wash cycles that Electrolux washers offer. It's super convenient to be able to adjust the duration of your laundry: quick action when you're in a rush, deep cleaning when you have the need and the time. Electrolux offers models with quick wash cycles that can finish in as little as 15 minutes.

At a minimum, your washer should meet all Energy Star requirements set forth by the U.S. government. Beyond that, you should also seek out features like adaptive water and detergent levels based on the size of the load.

Front load washers and dryers tend to be quieter than their top load cousins. If you're planning to place your laundry on an upper floor, Electrolux might be the perfect choice. Its machines come with easy-to-adjust legs and a perfectly balanced drum.

With a tub that can spin as fast as 1,4000 RPMs, which is equivalent to a Ford Mustang going as fast as 130 MPH, a balanced load is imperative. Most of the vibration issues in front load washers stem from an imbalanced load. Electrolux's motion technology shifts the clothes inside the tub as the recirculation technology distributes soap and water to help maintain the weight balance of each and every load.

This might sound obvious, but choose a washer and dryer that fit into your existing space or your floorplan. It's super important to measure carefully before you buy. We can't emphasize this point enough based on feedback from the thousands of customers we've helped over the years.

If you don't want to bend down to get to your clothes, Electrolux offers pedestals in matching colors that elevate the washer and dryer about 15 inches off the ground. Pedestals come in handy with their push-to-open storage drawers.

If you want to fit your laundry in a closet, consider getting a compact washer and dryer. As opposed to 27 inch wide front loaders, a compact laundry unit is 24 inches wide and much shallower than a full-size unit.

The last point in this category is knowing the direction of the washer and dryer door swing. Most front load washers don't allow you to reverse the door swing, and lower-tier Electrolux washers are no exception. However, higher-end Electrolux washers and dryers have reversible doors.

More and more, we're see Wi-Fi connectivity included on modern appliances to facilitate service calls, timing, and basic alerts. This remains a gaping hole in the Electrolux washer and dryer lineup. Luckily, its competitors haven't necessarily developed an app that meets' users expectations.

Additional features include smart load sensing to calculate water use (if you're washing only a small load, your washer'll know to use less water and shorten the wash time), improved cleaning, and better fabric care.

Perfect Balance Vibration ControlInspired by the very same technology that keeps skyscrapers stable, Electrolux has created the Perfect Balance system. The company claims that it gives its washers less vibration than any other products on the market.

It's an excellent feature, particularly when it comes to stacked washers and dryers, since the washer is placed on the bottom. It also ensures silent operation with what Elextrolux calls its Second Floor Guarantee.

Perfect Steam OptionSteam is a powerful way to soften tough stains or dirt and help remove them from fibers without causing damage. Electrolux washers are designed to release steam from the bottom of the tub, so that it passes through fabrics and loosening up dirt and grime.

Automatic Water-Level AdjustmentElectrolux washers can identify how much laundry is present and adjust the water level accordingly. With this feature, water never gets wasted, and the wash cycle finishes more efficiently and effectively.

Reversible DoorWant to choose which direction the washer door will open based on your space? Electrolux lets you do exactly that on some models, so you have more flexibility in where you install it.

Are Electrolux washers easy to repair?Most Electrolux appliance errors are relatively easy to troubleshoot and fix. But if you think the cause of a malfunction is more complicated than something that could fixed in a simple DIY day's work, don't be afraid to ask for help and take advantage of the generous warranty offers provided by Electrolux.

Are Electrolux washers quiet?Electrolux washers are so exceptionally quiet, that the company backs the quietness of it's products with a "Second Floor Guarantee", meaning that you can get a full refund (your money back guaranteed) if your Electrolux washer vibrates more than one inch off center.

Where are Electrolux washers made?Electrolux washers are predominantly made in Kinston, North Carolina. However, Electrolux has many facilities around the world, including in Arizona and Mexico, which feed products into the United States market.

How do you clean Electrolux washers?Many Electrolux washing machine models feature a System Clean Cycle or Clean Washer Cycle and will automatically remind you to run it every 50 wash cycles. Beyond using these self-cleaning features, you should wipe the top and sides of the washer with a damp cloth; you can use mild dishsoap for a deeper clean if you like. Also, be sure to leave the washer door and detergent tray open to allow air to circulate and evaporate excess moisture in between washes.

So, why do we love this Electrolux pair so much? After spending two weeks testing both washer and dryer, we think it starts with the user interface. Nest-like design puts a bright LED countdown timer in the middle of the control cluster, so you can always see how long it will take to get your clothes clean.

The washer has unique technology that helps it deliver a superior clean, including a SmartBoost option that premixes detergent, bleach, and fabric softener for more even coverage. Our tests show the washer does better than any of its competitors at removing stains, and the dryer gets clothes ready to wear without damaging fragile fabrics. It even has steam.

There are several cleaning products that can be used to clean your Electrolux washer. Bleach is great for cleaning mold and mildew and for killing germs. When you clean your washer, the first two steps are to clean the detergent dispenser and washer gasket.

White vinegar can also damage rubber components in the washer, but if you do not use it too often, white vinegar is fine to use to clean your washer. For the third part of the cleaning process, running a cleaning cycle, white vinegar can be slightly more effective at removing stubborn detergent residue, mold, and mildew.

Store-bought washer cleaning products can also be used to clean the washer. Store-bought washer cleaners are great for deep cleaning as they are specially formulated to remove mold, mildew, and soap scum while killing germs and without causing damage to your washer.

As mentioned above, do not combine bleach with vinegar. If you have been cleaning with bleach or vinegar, make sure to wipe up any traces with paper towels before adding your cleaning product to the washer.

After the cleaning cycle has finished, the washer should be almost as good as new. If you are concerned about lingering chemicals or want to get rid of a bleach or vinegar odor, run a rinse and spin cycle to rinse the washer out. 041b061a72


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