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Learn Boogie Woogie Piano [Book] [TOP]

When Albert Ammons, Pete Johnson and Meade "Lux" Lewis performed in Carnegie Hall, it launched a national boogie woogie craze. Since then, music has never been the same. Jazz, blues, and rock and roll have all been influenced by boogie woogie. Yet very little is known about this art form, or the artists who took it to its pinnacle. This book fills that need.

Learn Boogie Woogie Piano [Book]

Learn Boogie Woogie Piano is for piano players who want to learn to play, improvise, and composes dynamic, authentic boogie woogie piano. It is geared towards players who can read music and do any one of the following on the piano:

Learn Boogie Woogie Piano includes EXCERPTS from some of the most important boogie woogie compositions (Pinetop's Boogie Woogie, Honky Tonk Train, Monday Struggle, Roll 'em Pete), and bass lines from many others, including Boogie Woogie Stomp. However, it isn't a sheet music book. Instead, it teaches you to play, improvise and compose in the style of the Boogie Woogie Trio. It does contain the complete composition The Basic Boogie by Colin Davey. The Basic Boogie is an example of how to combine the elements from the book into a complete composition.

To this end, we spent countless hours studying key recordings of Ammons, Johnson and Lewis, using sophisticated software for slowing down and analyzing the recordings. We also consulted with many world-class experts. (In this process, one thing led to another, and we now have transcribed complete and accurate sheet music of several key recordings, available shortly after the release of this book from Boogie Woogie Press. See for more information.)

"...a very practical book, using the approach that I imagine the founders of the blues piano style probably used as they taught one another how to play boogie woogie... I congratulate you on a fine teaching manual."- Aaron Blumenfeld, author of The Blues, Boogie and Barrelhouse Piano Workbook and How to Play Blues and Boogie Piano Styles

"Learn Boogie Woogie Piano will drop-kick you into playing this vital eight-to-the-bar piano blues music better than anything else I can think of. The basic forms, structures, and licks of the great boogie woogie practitioners are presented in a concise, easy-to-follow way guaranteed to get you playing with steam-drill power and confidence in short order... a must for all piano playing boogie woogie enthusiasts looking for a road map and a guide to the territory."- Jeff Gutcheon, composer, arranger, pianist and author of Improvising Rock Piano

"If boogie woogie is back (and I think it never really went away), this is the book to study. Messrs. Davey and Poloney know the genre in all its exciting styles."- Dick Hyman, pianist, composer, and artist in Dick Hyman's Century of Jazz Piano on CD-ROM

"A fine analysis of the boogie woogie form, plus musical devices that help create the excitement of the music. Put aside a weekend with this book. Once you open it, you can't stop!"- Bob Seeley, internationally renowned boogie woogie performer, and personal friend of Meade Lux Lewis

"Congratulations, this book contains very useful instructions for the basics of the Boogie Woogie piano style, namely of the Ammons/Lewis/Johnson variety."- Axel Zwingenberger, leading boogie woogie performer and authority

This comprehensive book will teach you the basic skills needed to play boogie-woogie. From learning the basic chord progressions to inventing your own melodic riffs, you'll learn the theory, tools and techniques used by the genre's best practicioners. The accompanying audio accessed online demonstrates most of the music examples in the book, with left- and right-channel tracks created for helpful hands-separate practice. The audio also includes playback tools for tempo adjustment or looping to assist during your practice sessions!

Copyright 2023 Learn Piano Blues piano lessons - learn how to play piano with piano tutorials from an experienced piano teacher. Teach yourself piano with online lessons and quality piano tuition.

Transcribing and then accurately representing blues and jazz piano licks is notoriously difficult. Here is a list of good quality books that you can use a guide, supplemented with lots of listening to recorded performances to really understand how the masters perform the style.

The Beginners section contains a selection of tutorial books and DVDs if you are new to boogie woogie and New Orleans piano. These will not necessarily teach you the basics of piano or reading music so some playing ability is required.

The intermediates/advanced section is alphabetically ordered by book and site name. It contains links to sites, books and individual pieces either arranged for boogie woogie or New Orleans piano, or lovingly transcribed from original recordings.

Before you read on to find out how to play piano boogie woogie, have you got your own instrument? If not, why not consider either the RockJam RJ661 or the Alesis Recital Pro. Both are perfect instruments to start learning.

One of the most popular styles of music to play on the piano is boogie woogie, and with this tutorial I want to show you how anyone can play it right now without the need for years of personal tuition or playing boring scales for hours and hours.

I learned to play trombone in 4th grade and continued till I was playing in a dance band and got married. I was looking thru the for sale items in the newspaper and my wife asked me what I was looking for and I said violin with the idea I could teach my self the violin, well that Christmas there was a brand new violin under the tree. I pursued teaching myself the violin but not so good to go professional and the trombone and the violin were bulky to take with me when we traveled, So I learned the Harmonica, then followed up with Bass Guitar and now I purchased a Yamaha Keyboard and am learning the piano on a keyboard. .My wife has a piano so what I learn on the keyboard I go to the piano and see what it sounds like there. I am a snowbird and go to Florida every winter and play with a group of guitarists in Florida. Since I recently purchased the keyboard I want to get well enough to play with the group of guitarists when I get there next month. Practice, practice, practice every day. OH by the way I will be 84 in April, 2021.

Good for you Samuel. Great to have all that enthusiasm for life at 84. I am 75 and have just started learning to play the piano. Hopefully by the time I am 84 I will be able to knock out a few tunes!!

Boogie woogie really emerged in the early 20th century in USA, more specifically in Chicago. Among the boogie woogie and blues players of that time, the Thomas brothers (Georoge Thomas and Hersal Thomas) appeared to have had a deep influence on Chicago musicians such as Jimmy Yancey and Jimmy Blythe, bringing this piano style from their home Texas. Later in 1928, Clarence "Pinetop" Smith recorded his hit title "Pinetop's Boogie Woogie", after which the boogie woogie will adopt his definitive denomination. Still in Chicago, a new generation of pianists among which Albert Ammons et Meade Lux Lewis, will enrich the language of boogie woogie till définitive form.

Even if boogie boogie naturally assimilate many jazz idioms, the real encounter between boogie woogie and jazz happened in 1939: after two successful concerts given at Carnegie Hall in New-York (entitled From Spiritual To Swing) which Albert Ammons, Pete Johnson and Meade Lux Lewis participated, boogie woogie known a great popularity. The Café Society became a mythical place to hear the greatest boogie woogie players, and almost all jazzmen included at least one boogie woogie in their repertoire. This was the beginning of the boogie woogie craze which will last till around 1945.

BlueBlackJazz offers piano transcriptions of the greatest boogie woogie piano solos. These transcriptions has been mas after original recordings of the boogie woogie masters. Music score are available in PDF format, individually or as a book selection:

In this book, critically acclaimed recording artist and performer, Erwin Helfer shares his experience and knowledge in the art of blues piano playing. Nobody is better qualified than Helfer; he is the last living link to the Yancey family who pioneered this style of music. This book captures Helfer's approach which he honed from over fifty years of teaching. Beginner piano students will learn how to play a complete blues song with help from the early chapters. Advanced piano students will learn deeper aspects of blues piano in the latter chapters. Please note Figure 8.1 in the book has five different variations. There is a separate recording for each variation. I have personally taken piano lessons from Erwin since 1972. I have enjoyed every lesson. It is my hope that by publishing this book more people can share some of these same experiences and benefit from his teaching method.

Celebrating his 86th birthday in January 2022, this book release is the collected wisdom of one of Chicago's Blues and Boogie Woogie icon, Erwin Helfer. He shares insights and information accumulated over 60 years of teaching and performing in nine progressive chapters, aimed for the pianist with intermediate technique and a willingness to take the plunge into blues and boogie improvisation. In his introduction, he mentions: 041b061a72


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