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Snoh Aalegra - - Ugh, Those Feels ((TOP))

Snoh Aalegra recently debuted her latest album -Ugh, those feels again, coming two years after her last project FEELS. The new compilation from the Swedish singer and songwriter provides a look at her innermost ideals on love, heartbreak and the woes that come with dating.

Snoh Aalegra - - Ugh, those feels


\u201CI Want You Around\u201D is the lead single from Snoh Aalegra, an Iranian r&b singer raised in Sweden, has been out since February, but I just found out about it recently because her album, - Ugh, those feels again, dropped. Apparently Prince was a big fan of her last album and was something of a mentor for her, and for my money this album is much more fully realized. If you like Sade, you\u2019ll like Snoh. 041b061a72


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