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Lego Lxf Files

If you go to the Special:Upload page, you will see the allowed file types. All the files allowed are document/picture files, except for the last three, which are audio files. But I was wondering if another file type could be added: LXF.

Lego Lxf Files

On the page I just linked, you will see that it says that LXF files are mainly .zip files, .zip files which contain three files, a .MODEL file, a .png file, and a .lxfml file. I can confirm that this is true. I have renamed a LXF file to a .zip file and have seen the same contents, minus the .MODEL files. (I think the .MODEL is from LXF 1.x. They are not in new LXF files).

Why would I ask this? Since LEGO Universe is closing, more files will be coming in after closure. And a lot of files (official game files) in LU are .lxfml files. I have gone through some of those, as you can see by the LXF download links on the Rocket page, each Pet page, the Shooting Gallery page, and the few blog posts I've made. (User_blog:Le717/Which One, Which One?, User_blog:Le717/I've Seen The Models... and User_blog:Le717/Is There A Psychiatrist In The House?!?)

Allowing LXF files would enable people to link LXF files on here without signing up for a file hosting site. This would leave less chance of a virus file to be linked here because everyone could see what the file was without opening it. Yes, it would put a little more work on the Staff, but anyone can mark a file for deletion. And if more help was needed, I wouldn't mind helping out.

I've seen LXFML files over 3 MB. That doesn't seem that big, but it is for LDD. If you don't believe me, go download this 3 MB LXFML I uploaded and open it. It will take a while to open. LXF files, on the other hand, a .zip files and never go near 1 MB. LXF files would allow quick uploads and even quicker downloads for moderation. Format, because LXFML file can be opened in a text editor, and the wiki might see LXFML files as text and would display it in the browser instead of letting it be downloaded.

Orignially these sets were only available as .lxf files for use in LEGO Digital Designer. However, since LDD is deprecated and has become increasingly difficult to run on modern systems, in July 2020 I added files for all sets in .ldr (LDraw) and .io (Studio) formats. Moving forward, the .ldr and .io versions should be considered the canonical versions for each set, and future sets will only be added with .ldr and .io files.

Do not upload confidential documents, warez, copyrighted material or files containing malware. Any file found that does not meet this service agreement can & will be removed without warning. If you believe you have found a file that does not meet these terms, please Report the file immediately. Downloading any file from Rock Raiders United is done at YOUR OWN RISK. Rock Raiders United, its Administrators and Moderators cannot & will not be held liable for any damages or loss caused by files uploaded here. If you are suspicious of any file DO NOT download or open it. This service is for file hosting, not image hosting. Do not upload image files unless they are archived (e.g a zip file).

  • No API documentation nxt_lxf2urdf converts a LEGO Digital Design file (*.lxf) to urdf . nxt_lxf2urdf needs a (*.lxf) and a (*.ldr) file for completing the conversion from lxf to urdf. It also has the ldraw.xml file that is in the assests folder of the LEGO Digital Designer which has been modified to add more parts.Author: Melonee Wise

  • License: BSD

  • Repository: foote-ros-pkg

  • Source: hg

  • nxt: nxt_controllers nxt_description nxt_lxf2urdf nxt_msgs nxt_python nxt_ros nxt_rviz_pluginPackage LinksCode API

  • Tutorials

  • Troubleshooting

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  • Package Summary Documented nxt_lxf2urdf converts a LEGO Digital Design file (*.lxf) to urdf . nxt_lxf2urdf needs a (*.lxf) and a (*.ldr) file for completing the conversion from lxf to urdf. It also has the ldraw.xml file that is in the assests folder of the LEGO Digital Designer which has been modified to add more parts. Author: Melonee Wise

  • License: BSD

  • Source: hg (branch: default)

  • ContentsWhere to Start

  • Converting the Model

  • Labelling and Positioning the Sensors and Motors

Where to StartDownload Lego Digital Designer (LDD). Then replace the ldraw.xml in the assets folder of Lego Digital Designer with the ldraw.xml file provided in this package. The ldraw.xml file defines a part mapping from the Lego pieces in LDD to the models. Once you have overwritten the ldraw.xml file, create a Lego robot using the NXT parts in LDD. Save the LDD file as an *.lxf file and export it as *.ldr file. Currently nxt_dscriptions has a subset of the parts library converted to Collada meshes, so not all parts will be modelled in rviz. We are still looking for ways to make converting the ldraw models to Collada. Converting the ModelNow that you have created and exported the *.lxf and *.ldr files, run the conversion program and pipe the output into a urdf file. rosrun nxt_lxf2urdf robot.lxf robot.ldr > robot.urdfLabelling and Positioning the Sensors and MotorsLooking at the model generated in rviz will reveal that the sensors and motors are in odd positions with generic names. The positions and orientations of the sensors have been shifted so that the axes are X forward and the origins properly located in the body of the sensor. Inside the urdf there are comments marking the individual sensors and motors. Start by renaming the motors and sensors according to the names in your robot.yaml file. Then change the joint origins for each sensors so that they look like the original model in LDD. Wiki: nxt_lxf2urdf (last edited 2010-08-19 23:35:16 by MeloneeWise)

Three known software programs (notably, LEGO Digital Designer developed by The LEGO Group) are related to the LXF file extension. In addition, they are categorized under two distinct file types, but mainly identified as the LEGO Digital Designer Model File format. The majority of LXF files are considered 3D Image Files, but they can also be Data Files.

File Extension LXF is supported by Windows, Mac, and Android operating systems. These types of files can be found on both desktop and mobile devices. These files have a Popularity Rating of "Low", meaning they are not very commonly observed on your average hard disk.

Although there is a lot more to know about LXF files, those are the most important details of these types of files. If you are having trouble opening these files, or would like more detailed information, please see our comprehensive information below.


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